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  • Research

    Journal of Clinical Oncology

    The expression of a desire for death, or of a loss of will to live, is often misconstrued as being synonymous with a request for euthanasia or assisted suicide. There is good evidence, however … Full article

    Support for euthanasia falls as care of dying patients improves… Full article

    [P]oor health is not an independent risk factor for death by suicide. Full article

    Euthanasia debate reignited… Full article

    This article…finds that seemingly reasonable safeguards for the care and protection of terminally ill patients written into the Oregon [Death with Dignity Act] are being circumvented. Full article

  • News

    National post 2

    A majority of Canadians strongly in favour of legalized euthanasia are still concerned that the sick, disabled and elderly could be put to death without consent, a new poll has found…Full article

    Deep changes in society have created a growing demand for the legalization of euthanasia — but that doesn’t make it right … Full article

    CBC News Logo

    If you’re a Canadian suffering from a terminal illness, there’s a good chance haven’t considered palliative care … Full article

    In reality, legalized assisted suicide is all about giving doctors control, even making choices for patients, without any repercussion. Full article

    Société canadienne des médecins en soins palliatifs a déclaré que ses membres vont se déclarer contre le projet du Collège québécois. Full article

    Cases of euthanasia in Belgium’s Flanders region soared to nearly 2 percent of all deaths in 2007. Full article

    Euthanasia would be much more likely to pass from an exception to a rule… Full article